WZMB Zombie Radio Show

"Heyyy, all you jazz fans out there in the night. This is Jimmy Rudolph coming at you live, not undead, but live from WZMB Jazz at Three, broadcasting from the historic Tribeca Studios in downtown New York City, the greatest city in the world..."


And that's Jimmy Rudolph from Zombie Radio Show - short form audio content about an all night jazz program operating in post-apocalyptic New York City, where zombies are wreaking havoc and competing for subway seats.


"And we're kicking if off this morning with Charlie Parker, from an original session at Club 54. But first, a quick traffic update. The Port Authority is calling the George Washington Bridge open at 6 am, two hours earlier than the prior estimate, due to the vigilance and enthusiasm of our volunteer Kill-Squads. They're in the final stages of spraying, and the mop-up vans are already cleansing the east portals. So it should be a smooth commute from Jersey. Still, if you haven't heard the claxons sounding the all clear, early commuters should fall into the Tunnels..."


Episode #54 "Girl's Night Out"

‚Äč       Jimmy Rudolph and WZMB Producer Jamie Bogart.