The Jingleman



The Jingleman is a character driven, historical drama about love, obsession, artistic freedom and the last year in the life of Edgar Allan Poe.


Rachel Griswold, a wealthy young society woman, desperate for love, develops a profound and fatal attraction for Poe. When he drunkenly scorns her in public she becomes enraged - caught in the double bind of passion and self-hatred.  But she gets her revenge and her man after destroying everything in Poe's life he holds dear.


Poe, near death, in a flash of genius and bitter irony, writes his own biography - a black journal, dripping with lies and malice. He leaves the document in his papers, then appoints Rachel's husband, the Reverend Rufus Griswold, his worst enemy and the man who has thundered against him for the pulpit, as his official biographer, knowing  that Griswold would publish.


Griswold's scathing obituary then became the catalyst the thrust Poe into everlasting fame and immortality.