Ten Days in a Madhouse



Ten Days in a Madhouse is a period adventure/thriller based on fact, set in the publishing world of New York City, 1887.  Aspiring journalist Nellie Bly, a fearless young reporter, is determined to get herself a job on the New York World, the largest, most prestigious newspaper on the planet.


Nellie pitches publisher Joe Pulitzer the idea of having herself committed to the infamous Blackwells Island Insane Asylum in the East River to expose the horrifying conditions and gruesome abuse of the inmates. Pulitzer, always a sucker for a pretty girl and a good story, agrees.


Nellie pretends to go crazy, is committed to Blackwells, sees and documents cruelties beyond measure until her cover is blown and she find herself at the mercy of Dr. Dornan, the ruthless and evil Chief of Staff.


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