LA Nightmares

There are five more series in development and with episodes written:

Night Joggers

Murder in the Mall


Perfect for Paltrow

Journey to the Sea



Zombie Joggers roam the Hollywood Hills and prey upon the wicked and corrupt.


In the first four episodes Don, ambitious and predatory financial manager, and his shallow and superficial wife Rene, are speeding along Mullholland Drive late one night after an upscale dinner party when they accidentally run down two joggers who loom in their headlights, and it happens again the next night, and again...  But then, the joggers get even.


Episode 1: Night of the Zombie Joggers

Episode 2: Another One Bites the Dust

Episode 3: Fear, Lust and Loathing

Episode 4: Strangers in the Night






Victimized shoppers exact revenge from greedy merchants who seduce or bully them into purchases that are frivolous, defective, non-functional or beyond their means.


In the first four episodes Emily and Alma, two teenage sisters, return defective kitchen knives to salesmen. In their backs. And other stories...


Episode 1: Stake Knives

Episode 2: The Mannequin's Noose

Episode 3: Murder on the Matterhorn

Episode 4: One Life at Last



Permanently out-of work actors become superheroes by using their acting skills to thwart crime and save humanity.


In the first four episodes TJ, jobless, broke and discouraged by a nightmarish visit to the Unemployment Office and a humiliating audition prevents a bank robbery with his best "Dirty Harry" bit...


Episode 1: No Code for Actors

Episode 2: Payne, Lynche and Steele

Episode 3: Not Ready for Soaps

Episode 4: Go Ahead, Make My Day



Writers fight in vain to protect their original ideas from the thieves and vultures of the Hollywood Jungle.


Stanley Sable, a burned-out TV writer, broke, out-of-work, lonely, now sees his ideas fully realized on TV or in the movies within days of his pitching them to the bartender, to the filling station attendant, to the gang-banger next door, to the...


Episode 1: Night of the Strangler

Episode 2: Bled for Breakfast

Episode 3: Night Bird

Episode 4: Dying for Dollars



Three unlikely heroes, a TV writer, a mental patient, and his depressed shrink, open a free clinic for homeless crazies on the Venice Boardwalk.


Gil, the writer, is fired for trying to use the "F" word in Prime Time and now he can't get work. He eventually gets a job writing porn, freaks out, goes to the Max the shrink for help. But Max is in a state of inconsolable depression, being treated by Jeremy, his patient. They go to the beach...


Episode 1: Crime All the Time

Episode 2: Mutilated Hooker

Episode 3: Rubber Stuff

Episode 4: Purification